Ion is a strategic advisor to individuals and organizations, where he helps both employees and executives accelerate their development, reinvent themselves periodically and transform their errors into magnificent mistakes.
I help individuals and organizations accelerate their learning curve by capturing the wisdom from best practices, past experience and especially a proven and innovative system to learn from mistakes.
I also help individuals and organizations reinvent themselves in response to changing personal, social, economic or technological circumstances.
Ion Valis

Is President of Portfolio IV Media and Consulting, a strategic advice firm with clients in North America and Europe. He has a unique combination of entrepreneurial and executive experience in both the public and private sectors. Ion has worked as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, helped launch and run a ground-breaking international mobile media initiative at a Fortune Global 50 company in London, served as a senior executive in a fast-growing technology start-up in Montreal, and for the past 6 years has run his own consulting practice.

Drawing on his two decades of experience managing people, projects, brands and budgets, as well as leading-edge thinking on peak performance from around the world, Ion has created an innovative personal leadership program and strategic framework that is described in his first book, "The Magnificent Mistake: How You Can Earn More from Failure Than You Learn from Success."


The Book

Learning from mistakes is a superb strategy for success in your personal and professional life. It’s the fastest, simplest, most powerful yet least practiced way to improve yourself or your team’s performance. Discover how to M.A.S.T.E.R. your mistakes and develop the 12 Magnificent Mistake Habits for Teams and Organizations. We have more to earn from failure than we can learn from success.

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Whether you're the head of a Fortune 500 company or the head of your family, the lessons in Ion's book will help you make the most of your miscues and transform them into magnificent mistakes.
- David Dreier, Chairman, Annenberg-Dreier Commission and US Congressman (1981 to 2013)