Strategies for Anticipation, Acceleration and Reinvention

Ion is a strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and executives. He helps them anticipate the future, accelerate their company or career, and reinvent themselves when necessary.


I’m not a historian or a futurist but I stand on their shoulders. Historians study the past to understand the present. Futurists study the present to predict the far future. As a Strategic Advisor, I study the past and present in order to anticipate the near future and recommend strategies to thrive today.



Disruption is unwilling change on someone else’s terms. Reinvention is intentional evolution on your own terms. I help individuals and organizations reinvent themselves in response to changing personal, social, economic or technological circumstances.


I train executives and entrepreneurs in how to accelerate their companies or careers by curating and creating game-changing ideas, insights and best practices. I try to upgrade people’s entire operating systems by helping them develop better health, fitness, decision making, habits, routines and processes.

Ion Valis

Is President of Prometheus Strategic Advisors, a boutique management consulting and executive coaching firm with clients worldwide. He has a unique combination of entrepreneurial and executive experience in the public, private and plural sectors. Ion has worked as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, helped launch and run a ground-breaking international mobile media initiative at a Fortune Global 50 company in London, served as a senior executive in a fast-growing technology start-up in Montreal, oversaw an international foundation dedicated to public leadership and since 2008 has run his own consulting practice.

The Book

Drawing on his two decades of experience managing people, projects, brands and budgets, as well as 6 years researching leading-edge thinking on peak performance from around the world, Ion has created an innovative personal leadership program and strategic framework that is described in his first book, “The Magnificent Mistake: How You Can Earn More from Failure Than You Learn from Success.”

Recent Posts

The Modern World is a Dopamine Minefield. Here’s how to navigate it.

The Modern World is a Dopamine Minefield. Here’s how to navigate it.

Have you had your mind hijacked by TikTok and wondered how that happened? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who gets most excited about planning your next trip? The driver of your behavior in both cases is a brain chemical called Dopamine, and you need to get familiar with it – right away. Whether you realize it or not, that neurotransmitter rules our world today. But while it has served a critical role in the propagation of our species, dopamine is absolutely terrible for our sense of satisfaction as individuals. Moreover, it’s being used to stimulate and manipulate us in ways that are distracting at best and addictive at worse. Dopamine is the new Nicotine. We need to reset our brains and go on a Dopamine Diet. Use my NOPA Method to get off the Dopa.

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Ion was invaluable in deftly guiding us in the “reinvention” of our foundation. The foundation leadership was so impressed with Ion’s performance and professionalism that he was then asked to join the Board of Directors, where his communication, organizational and analytical skills combined with world-class experience continue to make an outstanding contribution.

Désirée McGraw
President, Pearson College UWC

A powerful and practical guide to learning from your mistakes. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a very well written and pragmatic methodology to learn from mistakes we all make in our roles as parents, workers and friends. A great read!

Arne Arens
Global Brand President, The North Face ®

Ion has managed to capture, in a succinct and universally applicable framework, how we can learn from and master our own mistakes. His simple yet effective checklist will help you to use your mistakes – big or small – to grow and improve in a conscious and deliberate way.

Mike Ross
Founder, Juniper Strategic Advisors

Whether you’re the head of a Fortune 500 company or the head of your family, the lessons in Ion’s book will help you make the most of your miscues and transform them into magnificent mistakes.

David Dreier
Chairman, Annenberg-Dreier Commission and US Congressman from California from 1981 to 2013


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